What's Red, White and Blue?!? Not You...

There are many wonderful times throughout the year to celebrate America's Freedom but it can be challenging to decorate your lantern for it. Here is a simple way to honor those that have fought for our freedom!

 Large white lantern the Shoppes of altavista

The blank slate tall lantern!

The tall lantern was perfect for this piece as I wanted to incorporate the flag.  I put 2 small command strip hooks and hooked the flag onto them!

American flag lantern the Shoppes of altavista

I then found an Americana picture, but I think a picture of a Veteren would be awesome!

 Constitution taper candle the shoppes of altavista One nation under god wood engraved sign the Shoppes of altavista

We added some pip berry candle ring under the picture, a constitution candle in a door hanger and the sign to complete our look!

Americana tall lantern decorated American flag the Shoppes of Altavista

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