Ugh.. My Tall Lantern looks empty!!!!


Tall Lanterns are so pretty but it can be hard to fill them so they don’t look half empty!

Here are a few ideas for you!

This lantern is approximately 29”tall.

I found some different size moss balls to fill the bottom and give the display a good foundation  then I found these beautiful flower stems  I played to varying heights by bending the stems and ended up with this display  While it fills the majority of the lantern it also leaves the pretty lines of the lantern at the top!

 Because the top part is so long it needed something to break it up - so I added a bow!  There are plenty of tutorials on you tube to learn how to make a bow. Personally, I make my 13 year old son make them!!! 



I added some more floral to complete the picture - but this is your choice - I prefer to leave the door open to see the beautiful flowers  Below is a picture of the door closed!




Here is another idea for filling a tall Lantern.  This one is 36”tall!

36" tall lantern

 willow tree in large white lantern

I found a 24" Tall Willow Tree in Pink, Green and White in my shop.  This fills up the area but still allows you to see thru.  

white green pink willow tree

This is a close up of the willow tree - gorgeous!

Since I don't like to see the bottom of the lantern I put these to Jute Sheep in the bottom! Aren't they adorable!!!

sheep and willow tree in large white lantern

As with the other lantern, I wrapped some floral garland to complete the look.

sheep in a lantern

The lantern is sitting on a crate so I put some Big Moss Balls to cover that up!

Be sure to check out my store at for the items that were used!

Happy Decorating!




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