I Need a Centerpiece - WHERE Do I Start?!?!?!?!

Sometimes taking the first step is the hardest!! 

Today I grabbed one of our galvanized plates - 

It's a great base that adds color and texture.  Then I need to decide what I want to be on it - I'm choosing a candle as I envision this on a dining room table.

I tried a few options to see what I liked best - I personally LOVE the Globrite Rustic Ivory Pillars - they are soft and rustic but make a statement!

I now need something to go around the candle - a few options:

The Left Picture is with a 6.5" Candle Ring in Farmhouse - it is too big. The Center picture shows a Farmhouse 3.5" Candle Ring - and it just doesn't add enough.  The Right picture shows me using both candle rings together - I think it gives the best look!

So the display is nice but it is just floating on my table - so now you need to do what I call "grounding" it.

Find a napkin, doily, place mat or piece of cloth to "ground" the centerpiece! This is just a few options and will depend on the color of you table, your style of decorating and personal taste.

Now sometimes a taller candle looks - well just tall!!  So add some fabric or cheesecloth to help break it up!

So what do you think?  Hopefully this helps you take the first step to your next centerpiece. 


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  • Barbara,
    That is lovely. Great to show people you can use simple things and create a beautiful centerpiece.

    Judy Moon

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