Does A Blank Wall Scare You??!?!?

Sometimes its just difficult to begin a project - where should I start, What should I use? Where should I put it? The questions are endless! Let's begin from the beginning!

The blank wall (slat wall in this case but use your imagination that its your living room wall!!!).


Find something that speaks to you and creates the feel that you want in that room. In this grouping I found a great picture that is about 18" x 24" so it will be a good foundation for the wall.

Next, I found a sign that I liked and put it above my picture.  It looks okay but boring and just thrown up on the wall.

So, here is the magic of pip berries! I simply grabbed a garland of pip berries in a shade that matched my picture and put them between the sign and picture - the key is to pull the berries out and make them look natural - let them come up over the sign and drape over the picture.

So this may be enough for some people and that's okay. But if you would like something else - here is an idea - add some sconces or I have some Lathe shutter like pieces that I think "even" the collage out!

As with every idea and picture - not everyone will agree and that's okay - remember it is your house and everything in your house should bring a smile to your face!


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  • Great tips…how does the color of my wall impact the design? What types of hangers do you recommend?


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